Fine Print


We do not advocate the breaking of any Laws. Check the Laws in your country and State/Province Before you Grow.

Privacy Policy

We Understand the Great Importance of Your Privacy and do Not Loan, Rent, Sell, Barter, or Otherwise Share any of Your Personal Information.....NEVER.

All orders are shipped in a plain envelope with a "PO BOX" on the return label.

What information does SeeMoreBuds Collect and why do we need it?
We only collect the information necessary to bill and ship your order.

If there is a problem with your order.
We will contact you through the email address and/or phone number you provide.

What kind of security does our site use?
Our site uses SSL data encryption and a digital certificate, which allows us to verify your identity and ensure that all online transactions, including transfer of personal data and credit card purchases, are kept secure from outside parties.

What about the security of our links to other sites?
SeeMoreBuds has no control over the security or information collection of sites that are linked to our site. If you have questions about the security or data collection of our linked sites, please contact those sites directly.

Refund Policy

If unsatisfied with any product from, please return it within 14 days by postmark of purchase. Once product is received and evaluated for clean preservation without marks or damage, a full refund can be processed.

Shipment cost of any returns is the purchaser's responsibility. Opened DVD's will not be refunded.

Thank You, SeeMore : )